Toby Integrates Samtec Product Configurator Tool

Samtec Config pIc

A huge part of Toby’s 35 years of success, has been our dedication to customer service and technical design assistance. As Samtec’s longest serving independent European distributor, Toby has become the UK’s go-to design and buy resource for Samtec products. Getting the right Samtec part for our customers application is absolutely at the forefront of what we do. Our latest web update brings together Toby’s unrivalled product knowledge and Samtec’s powerful Configurator tool to Toby’s online customers.

Design and buy with Toby

The Configurator design tool allows customers to quickly modify the pin count, lead style, plating, packaging and much more, to obtain the ideal solution for their application. Customers can then immediately download a 2D or 3D model of the configured part in the file format of their choice. Toby’s customers can then check stock and pricing for their designed product and buy online at Why not try the product configurator out? Here’s a link to Samtec’s Micro Rugged TFM series follow the link then click the Product Configurator button to get started. If you configure a part that Toby don’t have listed, an enquire button sends a request for price and delivery information. Once you’re happy, the configured part can then be added to for purchase on the same day in most cases. With short lead times and low or no MOQ there really is only one place to design and buy your Samtec interconnection products.

Reducing time to prototype

This new online functionality for Toby’s customers, reduces engineers and designers prototype hours considerably, helping our customers work more quickly and efficiently. Once the product is adjusted, the final version of the product can be downloaded in 150 potential file formats including STEP, SolidWorks, Autodesk and PDF file. Toby is the first independent distributor in the world to integrate the configurator tool to their web site. This is a realisation of our long-standing dedication to providing exceptional customer service for Samtec products in the UK and beyond.


Toby’s top HAT specification interconnection solutions

We are proud to stock Samtec surface mount connectors and through-board sockets, specified for Raspberry Pi HAT (Hardware Attached onTop) applications. Taking advantage of the 40-pin GPIO header, Raspberry Pi HAT specification enables automatic identification and configuration of the GPIOs and drivers for RPI add-on boards. Toby stock these connectors as standard to support this user-friendly approach to board design and development for the Raspberry Pi.

At the outset Toby worked very closely with Samtec and the RPI Foundation to achieve the foundations desire for a cost-effective, off the shelf solution specifically for designers of HAT-compliant boards. Since the initial design in 2014 Toby have maintained the low pricing and stock availability of the “REF” HAT spec series, supporting the worldwide maker community and industrial users alike.

Toby’s comprehensive range of HAT spec connectors include, flush low profile solutions as well as longer tailed, extended pass through options.

The SMT bottom entry sockets can be soldered to the top of a HAT-compliant add-on board and are available either with (REF-182665-01) or without (REF-182665-03) locating pegs. Using Samtec’s Tiger Beam™ contact technology, these sockets allow excellent pass through connection and reliability.

The Samtec sockets, which mate the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO to the connector on the add-on board, are available with either 4.93mm pins for a flush finish (REF-182683-02), longer 10mm pins (REF-182684-02) or even longer 14.83mm pins (REF-187026-03). The extended tail sockets are available in standard insertion force (SIF) and low insertion force (LIF) mating options. All have square tail pins to provide further board stacking interconnect options.

All parts can be ordered online, with no intrusive minimum order quantity or minimum order value. Needless to say whatever your intended HAT application, you can cap it with Toby.