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Samtec has solution blocks which are designed to support any interconnectivity need, regardless of application, performance requirements or environment. Product solutions include high-speed board-to-board, high-speed cable, optics, RF, micro/rugged and flexible stacking.

As the leading Samtec distributor in the UK and their first official European distributor in 1987, our passion for exceptional design support sets us apart, making Toby the ultimate choice for your connectivity needs. Choose Toby for Samtec and discover our range of ready-to-ship inventory and unrivalled service.

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 Samtec High Speed                                                   

Samtec High Speed Samtec High Speed Samtec High Speed Samtec High Speed Samtec High Speed

Samtec Optics                                                    Samtec Flex Stack

 Samtec Optics Samtec Optics Samtec Flex Stack Samtec Flex Stack Samtec Flex Stack

 Samtec High Speed Cable Samtec RF Samtec Micro Rugged                                

Samtec High Speed Cable Samtec RF Samtec Micro Rugged Samtec Micro Rugged Samtec Micro Rugged

No-one understands Samtec better...

With almost 4 decades of experience proudly representing the world’s premier connector manufacturer, no-one understands Samtec better than Toby. Toby’s expertise and expanding Samtec inventory, including PICMG, COM-HPC, JTAG, High-Speed, Rugged Power, Micro-Discrete Wire, and RF connectors, ensure we deliver the perfect Silicon-to-Silicon and Core Board-to-Board solutions to our customers.

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