KUSBVX - Kycon USB Type C Vertical PCB Mount Socket (BVXCS)

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  • Gen 2. 10 Gbps USB Version 3.1
  • Vertical PCB mount with SMT Contacts
  • 10,000 Mating cycles min
  • Tape and Reel with Cap Packaging (Full Reel 300pcs)
  • Item supplied on cut tape if not full reel quantity
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Housing High Temperature Thermoplastic, UL94V-O

Rated Shell: Stainless Steel, Nickel Plated

Contact Material Copper Alloy

Contact plating 301-J"Gold Plated on Contact Area Matte Tin Plated on Solder Tails, All over Nickel Underplate

Rated Current 5.0A Inclusive (1.25A Ea.) For Pins A4, A9, 84 and 89 (VBUS) 1.25A Each For Pins, A5 and 85 (CC) 6.25A Inclusive (1.56A Ea.) For Pins A1, A12, 81 and 812 (GND) 0.25A For All Other Pins (RX, TX)

Rated Voltage: 30V

Insulation Resistance 100 Megohms Min. at 250V DC

Contact Resistance 40 milliohms Max.

Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 1 OOV AC RMS For 1 Minute

Insertion Force: 5N -20N

Withdrawal Force: 6N -20N

Operating Temperature: -55°C to +85°C

Kycon’s USB Type C offerings include a vertical, a mid mount, and right angle options to suit your design requirements. Right angle versions are available either with dual row SMT or hybrid SMT/through hole contacts. All connectors offer a high temp plastic for reflow compatibility.