Samtec Full Line Catalogue 2018 (Print Copy)

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New Catalogue, New Connectors

While it may not be as exciting as getting the new phone book, Samtec recently released its new Full-Line Catalogue.

Why tell you about a new catalogue? For me, it’s cool to see the new products and technologies. Here’s a quick list of some of the new stuff in the catalogue:

  • ExaMAX® Direct Mate Orthogonal Backplane
  • High-Speed, Press-Fit Cable Assembly
  • XCede HD® Backplane System
  • Ultra High-Density System
  • Flyover™ QSFP28 Cable Assembly
  • Flyover QSFP28 Double Density
  • High Density, High Bandwidth Edge Card Sockets
  • Low Profile PCIE Socket
  • PCIe® Mid-Board Optics
  • 40 GHz Bulls Eye®

​Nearly 400 pages of Samtec Interconnect Solutions

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