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Earlier this year, Samtec and CADENAS PARTsolutions collaborated on an advanced interactive catalog of 3D CAD models.  The new tool assists engineers in defining and specifying any of Samtec’s more than 1 trillion product models. Engineers can now harness this design-in power from the all new Toby.co.uk web site.

Toby’s customers can now dynamically configure, preview and download 2D/3D Samtec models in over 150 different formats. All this directly from Toby.co.uk by simply clicking the “3D” button next to your chosen Samtec part. Adding speed, accuracy and flexibility to your Samtec connector selection and design process.

Find it – Design it - Buy it

Samtec’s CAD models are dynamically generated in real-time and the 3D CAD models are now instantly available for downloading from www.toby.co.uk just Click the 3D symbol next to the Samtec part number.

The vital component - Reduce Sample Times from 24 Hours to 24 Seconds

Samtec’s legendary Sudden Service® capabilities support global customers with the tools, products and services needed for the connector design process. Toby Electronics Ltd understand and support Samtec service capability like no other distributor. 

One key differentiator is Samtec’s ability to provide mechanical product samples shipped within 24 hours or less. Historically Toby have supported Samtec sample requests within 3 days or  next day from our UK stock, pretty quick huh? However, the process needed a 21st-century update and Toby.co.uk is very proud to provide our customers with  Samtecs latest online design tools, the vital component indeed.

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