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Thin Film Platinum RTD Sensor

  • Glass coated platinum element
  • Virtually linear relationship between temperature and resistance
  • High Reliability: Capable of withstanding extreme environmental conditions
  • Available in various configurations for specific applications
  • Excellent stability even at high temperatures
  • Download datasheet here
PPG Series
Part No Stock Quantity* 1+ 50+ 100+ 500+ Quantity
RTD Detector TF 100 OHM +/-0.06%
100 £2.585£2.255£2.184£1.750
RTD Detector TF 1K OHM +/-0.06%
90 £2.585£2.255£2.184£1.750
  • High accuracy: Resistance and temperature deviation can be controlled to within ±0.06% and ±0.15°C, a tolerance that corresponds to Class “A” of IEC 751 or 1/2 DIN of DIN 43760
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