am254t-010 crimp pic

AM254 - Valcon 2.54mm Crimps Reeled (AM25T)

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  • Mates with AM254-xxH Housings
  • Available loose or on Full Reels (10,000x/pcs per reel)
  • Tin Plated Brass (RoHS compliant)
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10,000 per reel
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  • Technical Specification

Material: Tin Plated Brass

Rated Current: 3A

DWV - AC250V (with housing)

Insulation Resistance: 1000 MΩ Min.

Withstanding Resistance: 1000V AC/Minute (with housing)

Operating Temperature: -25°C to +85°C

Insertion Force: 0.7Kgf (Max insertion force)

Withdrawl Force: 0.1Kgf (MIN withdrawl force)

Terminal/Houising Retention Force: 1.5Kgf (MIN)

Contact Retention Force: 2.0Kgf (MIN)

Crimp Pull-out Force: AWG22 is 4.6Kgf (MIN) AWG24 is 3.0Kgf (MIN) AWG26 is 1.8Kgf (MIN) AWG28 is 1.1Kgf (MIN)

Mates with: Valcon AM254-xx-x-010 Series & 2542RR-xx-T Series PCB Headers & AM254-xxH Series Housings